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Wale: Deal with Taiwan scholarship saga

15 November 2019

THE Leader of Opposition, Mathew Wale has called on the government through the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) to quickly deal with our Solomon Island students studying in Taiwan, who are now affected by the decision to switch diplomatic ties to China.

In a statement from the Opposition Office said Wale’s call was made after it was reported that the students studying in Taiwan are refusing arrangements for them to be transferred to China to continue their studies

They (students) insisted that they be given scholarships by the Government to continue their studies in Taiwan. 

Wale said“Again this is a very serious situation for our students and it once again demonstrates the Government’s ill planning and preparedness. 

“Our students are invaluable investments for our country and our future and so they deserve to be treated fairly.

“The way things have been handled, it seems, the Government has no plan in place on how to address the problem before school begins again next year,” said the Opposition leader..  

He added by saying that China has promised to provide places for the affected students, could mean a lot of different things. 

The Opposition leader goes on to say, “Therefore the demand by the students to return to their respective institutions in Taiwan is a valid one.  

“It is one thing to promise alternative schools in China but it is another thing to secure accredited institutions that will provide education to our students at a reasonably high standard.  

“We expect our students to study abroad and to return and inject their knowledge into our affairs.  This national expectation therefore means, they must be trained to the highest standard available.  Otherwise, there is no point sending our students overseas.

“I wonder if the Ministry has done due diligence checks on the institutions proposed for the students in China. If not then, it must do so before any decision is made on shifting our students from institutes in Taiwan to China,” the Opposition leader added.

The Opposition leader further added, Parents certainly will not want their children to be sent to institutions and places that we know little of and so it is important that issues relating to safety, education standards being provided and welfare are answered before any commitment is made with China.  

“And if answers in these areas are not satisfactory, the Ministry must look into other possibilities available including, returning the students to Taiwan.

“I therefore call on the responsible Ministry to deal with the situation diligently and not to force the students into situations that will cause more problems for them,” said the Opposition leader.