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B’Ville referendum dates confirmed

16 November 2019
Dr John Balavu.

THE polling dates for Bougainville Referendum will start in Papua New Guinea as scheduled on 23 November 2019.

For the Bougainvilleans voters residing in the Solomon Islands the polling stations would be based in Gizo and Honiara and would take place on 25th to the 29th.

A statement from the PNG High Commission in Honiara said polling stations would also be based in Cains and Brisbane to cater for eligible Bougainvilleans living in Australia.

This was confirmed by the Papua New Guinea’s Acting High Commissioner to Solomon Islands Dr John Balavu.

Dr Balavu said the referendum would be on two options – either greater autonomy or independence for Bougainville. 

Accredited international observers from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA and Pacific islands countries including the Solomon Islands have been invited to attend.

The polling station in Honiara would be at the PNG High Commission from 28th -29th November 2019, whereas in Gizo it would be at a nominated venue which would be announced well before the commencement of the polling date on 25th November 2019

“Therefore all eligible voters who are registered in the common roll are encouraged to cast their votes to determine the political future for their region,” the statement said.