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PM urged to confirm Huawei-Telekom talks

21 November 2019

OPPOSITION leader Matthew Wale has called on the Prime Minister to confirm whether the Government is currently talking to China or Huawei, for the takeover of Solomon Telekom.

This call came after the Premier of Malaita Province made a statement earlier suggesting that Huawei maybe eying Solomon Telekom.  

The call also follows the recent signing of the Telecommunications MOU by Government and China.

 “Telecommunication is important to our Government and people for many reasons hence, it is important that any discussions by the Government, takes into account our national interests,” Wale said.

“While Huawei is one of the world’s biggest producers of telecommunication equipment, and may have a lot to offer to Solomon Islands in the telecommunication sector, it has been accused by USA and other countries for using its systems and equipment to spy on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party and Peoples Liberation Army,” he added.

“The allegations levelled against Huawei by and large involve, the use of its telecommunication infrastructure to intercept data from individuals, corporations and government.  

“Such allegations send clear signals on the what type of operator Huawei is and is worrying.”

The Opposition leader goes on to state that the actions for which Huawei has been implicated can easily happen to our country given our size and vulnerability. 

“Thus, Solomon Telekom, as a strategic asset for our own national security purposes must be protected.  

“It is therefore incumbent on the PM to take note of Huawei’s track record elsewhere, and to never lose sight of the need to protect Solomon Telekom, and not to fall prey to promises of huge investment returns,” Wale said.

He calls on the prime minister to confirm whether there are talks going on and if there are, for the PM to immediately cancel such talks.