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R. City to rock Honiara tonight

22 November 2019
Rock City band and Djs will be performing for the first time ever in Honiara tonight at the Heritage Park Hotel car park. [Photo: CARLOS ARUAFU]

THE famous Rock City (a.k.a R.City) band is set to rock music fans in a one-night show at the Heritage Park Hotel car park in Honiara, tonight.

Island Brothers, Theron and Timothy Thomas touched down at the Honiara International airport at 2pm, Thursday.

Rock City formerly known as Planet VI is an American musical duo formed in 2003, from Saint Thomas US Virgin Islands.

The duo is being joined by Deli Banger (producer of Fete You, Work on Me and various other Rock City hits) & Benny Demus (Akon’s Official DJ) for the Honiara tour.

They told reporters upon arrival yesterday that they were impressed on how they were welcomed the Island way - the energy shown by the people greeting them.

 “It was very surprising to meet people who already know who we were and want to take pictures with us and  we met people on the plane and seen people who said they are coming on the show tomorrow (tonight).

 “The energy has been positive and it seems tomorrow (tonight) is going to be a fun night and we are really excited about that,’’ they said.

The duos were also surprised and find it very cool to see black people with blond hairs on the streets after their arrival.

Theron said that he never heard of Solomon Islands not until he came to do a show here.

“I was still so excited to come here and me and my brother, we’re all about the island life. So it’s always cool for us to go to different islands and experience different cultures and the way they do things. Coming here was definitely very exciting for us.

“I promise you guys we are going to leave everything that we have on the stage tomorrow night (tonight).

“We flew all the way from Atlanta Georgia on about a 17 hour flight and we came here to make sure that everybody gonna leave the show tomorrow (today) and said I can’t wait for these guys to come back. I really had a good time,’’ said Theron.

The Rock City pacific tour was arranged by the DMP’s band Manager and official DJ Victor Lopez in collaboration with Shadyville Australia and DMP.

The Thomas brothers have written and produced for several prominent artists, including Jamaican singer Sean Kingston ("Take You There"), American singer Miley Cyrus ("We Can't Stop"), Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj ("Only") and Barbadian popstar Rihanna ("Pour It Up")

The duo has also contributed to numerous Grammy-nominated albums, including Rihanna's Unapologetic (which won Best Urban Contemporary Album), Jennifer Hudson's self-titled album (which won Best R&B Album), and Ariana Grande's My Everything (which was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album).

In 2006, the duo sold their first song, "The Rain," which appeared on American singer-songwriter Akon's triple platinum-selling album Konvicted.

By October 2007, Rock City had written songs for performers including Usher, Sean Kingston, Ashlee Simpson, Nicole Scherzinger, and Mary J. Blige. 

Early songs that saw chart success included "Take You There" by Sean Kingston (number 7 on the Billboard Hot 100), "When I Grow Up" by The Pussycat Dolls (number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100), and "Replay" by Iyaz (number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100). 

Rock City signed a recording contract with Geffen Records and Akon's KonLive Distribution, in 2007. During this time, Theron was known by the stage name "Da Spokesman" and Timothy was known as "Don't Talk Much.

Rock City created 15 self-released mixtapes between 2008 and 2012, many of which contained the acronym "PTFAO" (or Put the F*ckin' Album Out) in reference to the fact that the label had not given them a release date for their album. 

In 2011, the duo parted ways with KonLive and founded their own label imprint called Rebelution Records.

They penned Rihanna's "Man Down" and Justin Bieber's "Run Away Love."[15] In 2013, the duo wrote numerous Billboard Hot 100 songs, including Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop", Rihanna's "Pour It Up", and Ciara's "I'm Out.

"Pour It Up" appeared on Rihanna's album Unapologetic, which won Best Urban Contemporary Album at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

Rock City contributed to three separate albums that received Grammy nominations  Miley Cyrus' Bangerz, Ariana Grande's My Everything (both were nominated in the Best Pop Vocal Album category) and Iggy Azalea's The New Classic (nominated for Best Rap Album). 

In 2014, the duo signed with RCA Records and Dr. Luke's Kemosabe Records and their debut studio album, What Dreams Are Made Of, contains themes of struggle relating to the brothers' often difficult upbringing in Saint Thomas.  

Some of the What Dreams Are Made Of album songs like locked away, checking for, Take you down, Make Up, crazy love and Don’t you worry to name a few, have hit the local airwaves here in the Solomon Islands.