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Police launch royal security

23 November 2019
Matthew Varley.


A MAJOR police security operation will be conducted for the Royal visit this weekend through to Monday.

Outgoing Police Commissioner Matthew Varley told reporters at his final conference on Thursday that the RSIPF will be playing a key role to support the government in the protocol arrival.

“But more so the RSIPF is responsible for security of the royal visit over the course of the three days,” Varley said.

“The RSIPF will be mounting a large scale security operation and a protocol operation for the royal visit this weekend and into Monday,” he added added.

Asked on the level of threat, Varley said security threat is low.

He said they don’t have any intelligence information of anyone wanting to cause any security risks but it is their job to take precautions.

Varley said the Prince of Wales will have a two-day programme for the events where the community is going to be able to share in this special time for Solomon Islands.

He added that the RSIPF will mount a guard of honour for his royal highness arrival at the Henderson International Airport.

He said they will also mount a 24/7 security operation for his royal highness including close personal protection, traffic control, escorts and other things.

“And all of that will be commanded by our police operations centre here at Rove Police Headquarters for 24 hours a day.”

He said they want to see as many people as possible enjoying the spectacle of the royal visit but added this must be done in a safe environment.

 “We want to make sure that the roads are clear for escorts and we also want to make sure that people can get to and from the public venues to see his royal highness with safety.”

Varley said for that reason, they will have police out in numbers across the days and they will make sure that venues are safe and secured and are fully checked by the police.

He also advised the public that there will be some disruptions along our roads particularly in the Henderson, Honiara and Lungga areas across out city as the motorcade moves around.

“...and that is unavoidable.

“The motorcade will be quite large and of course there are a number of delegations and officials accompanying his royal highness but alongside that we have a security motorcade that must travel as well.”

He apologises to the community for disruptions that might occur over the next couple of days but asked for the people’s patience, tolerance and respect as they move the delegation around the city. 

“We are also calling on people to support us, making sure this visit is peaceful and successful for the best interest of the happy isles.

“And we know people are looking forward to sharing the rich culture of Solomon Islands with his royal highness and that is a great thing.”

Varley also urged people to report to police if they see anything suspicious or something that is going to disrupt the visit so that they can take early and swift action.

 “If police issue instructions to clear a road or to clear an intersection for a short time or police are marshalling you to a particular location or venue, please understand that we are doing that in everybody’s best interest.

“And we are asking you to cooperate with us and support the Royal visit.”

Varley said this is going to be an important time for Solomon Islands and for Solomon Islanders. 

“We want to see everyone looking forward to the visit and show off your city and your country to the best of our ability.

“And that is what the police are here for you to do, let us show our royal highness and his guest the best hospitality we have to offer and we are asking for everyone’s assistance in relation to that,” Varley said.



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