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Remembering the fallen heroes 

25 November 2019
Prince Charles laying his wreath at the SI Scouts and Coastwatchers monument. [Photo: Lachlan Eddie]

PRINCE of Wales and heir to the throne, Prince Charles on Sunday laid his wreath at the Solomon Islands Scouts and Coastwatchers’ monument to honour the local heroes who died in World War 2.

After a tireless visit to a special service at St. Barnabas Cathedral and knighting and lending of medals to local recipients at the Government House, Prince Charles also visited Commonwealth street, in downtown Honiara.

His visit was to specifically remember the SI Scouts and Coastwatchers’ monument.

Upon his arrival at the packed venue, he was welcomed by the Patron of the SI scouts and Coastwatchers’ Association and Member of Parliament for East Are’Are Peter Kenilorea Jr and his Chairman, Mr Bruce Saunders.

The packed crowd stirred up with gentle excitement as they witnessed the arrival of the heir to the British throne; Prince Charles.

Prince Charles laid his wreath at the SI Scouts and Coastwatchers’ monument, followed by Peter Kenilorea Jr.

There was also a moment of silence observed to pay respect to those who died in the Second World War.

After the commemoration ceremony, he then met Solomon Islanders who are turned up for the Royal visit to the historical site-the SI Scouts and Coastwatchers’ statue. 

Prince Charles left Commonwealth Street at around 4 pm. 




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