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Wale: claim by Djokovic lame 

06 December 2019
Matthew Wale.

The Leader of Opposition Matthew Wale says the statement by the Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister’s Office, Robson Djokovic is yet another attempt to protect himself and those implicated in the allegations of soliciting monies for personal gains.

Wale in a statement yesterday said; “As the Leader of Opposition, my office has a duty to raise matters of public interest involving persons holding high public offices. 

“By his own admissions, Mr Djokovic had criminal convictions for burglary, fraud, and drug-related offences.  

“Such convictions are matters of great public concern for they raise questions on his credibility, competency and how he got appointed in the first place. What does he expect?  

“People have a right to know the truth when officers are implicated and so it is incumbent on my office to raise such issues as and when they arise so that they are addressed,” the Opposition Leader adds.

Mr Wale went on to say, it is also equally important that the PM explains his side of the story for it is too much of a coincidence for his Chief of Staff to be acting on his own accord when dealing with matters of national interest.

The Opposition Leader, therefore, calls on the Public Service Commission to commence a proper investigation into these allegations.  

“The public has a right to know and as the employing authority, the Public Service must share the public concern and investigate these allegations,” said the Leader of Opposition.

Wale further added, “As regards his personal attacks on me and Axiom, I am not going to stoop low to his level and engage with him on these matters. Axiom Mining is an investor like every other investor. 

“They deserve to be given fair treatment just like others. Allegations suggesting abuse of official position for potential personal gains from investors only discourages investors, and any leader concerned for this country’s economy should know this,” he concluded.