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3rd woman elected into Parliament

15 December 2019
Lilly Maefai.

Lilly Maefai, the wife of the Late MP for East Makira, Charles Maefai is East Makira's choice after a landslide victory of 3371 votes, defeating former form MP Alfred Ghiro, by 2175 votes.

Ghiro polled in second with a total of 1196, followed by another female candidate Rose Murray who polled 644 votes.

Counting for the Bye-election was completed in the Makira provincial capital town of Kira Kira.

With this result, history has been created as it is the first time ever for Solomon Islands to have three women candidates elected into parliament in a term.

The Bye-election took place after the passing of the Late Charles Maefai earlier this year.

See below the full results.

  1. Lilly Maefai - 3371
  2. Alfred Ghiro  - 1196 
  3. Rose Murray - 644 
  4. Tiks Tauni - 590
  5. Martin Karani - 466
  6. Thomas Bea -  309
  7. Casper Tai - 269
  8. Steven Piringisau - 227
  9. Henry Quasiki - 181