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Makili shows support for M4D

15 December 2019
Mr Makili contributing in the dialogue on Friday in Auki.

Local activist Lawrence Makili says he supported the desire of Malaitans for self-determination.

Makili declared his support during Malaita for Democracy (M4D) movement dialogue with chiefs and church leaders in Auki, Friday.

The dialogue was attended by chiefs, church leaders and women in Malaita.

Makili, who comes from the Polynesia atoll of Sikaina in the Malaita Outer Islands, said he believed it is time to show the desire of Malaitan people to the national government.

He said few national leaders have created acts and came up with decisions that are not fair to Malaitans.

He said this shows the lack of justice and fairness that exists within this country.

Makili added the desire expressed by Malaitans was an indication that they no longer trust the leaders of this country.

He encourages Malaitans not to listen and bow down to unfair decision made by the government.

“Now we have to show to the government our desires” Makili said.   

He also calls on the Malaita provincial government, through responsible MPAs, to invite chiefs and church leaders from Malaita Outer Islands to be part of such dialogue.

in Auki