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Villagers say they are tired of ‘lip-service’

08 January 2020
Premier Suidani (standing front row third from right) during his meeting with the villagers at Kwaiafa school.

VILLAGERS of Fataleka and Kwara’ae in Malaita say they are tired of “lip-service development”.

They expressed this when they met Malaita premier Daniel Suidani last Friday.

Suidani and his officials visited the landowning tribes of Auluta in east Malaita last Thursday and Friday to hear their views and concerns on development in the province.

“The strong message to the premier and his team is that the people are tired of lip service development,” a statement issued from the Premier’s Office yesterday said.

“The community leaders and representatives pointed out that after their tribal lands were registered and PEs were given to them, they were kept in the dark and have not heard of any news from both the national and provincial governments,” the statement added.

The villagers said their elected leaders and the governments that they have represented have failed them time and time again.

“The government has given us nothing but shattered dreams.

“Do not tell us that land dispute is the issue, no it’s not, see for yourselves these PE titles,” they told the premier.

Those that have spoken during the brief ceremonies highlighted that this was the first time for a sitting premier to have visited their wards 14 and 15 as far as they can remember. T

They thanked Premier Suidani for visiting them and discussing development issues with them. 

They also applauded the premier for his practical leadership approach in visiting communities and that they welcomed the proposed commercial rice project initiative. 

Suidani informed the communities, especially the PE title holders that it is through the Malaita Emissary to Japan ukio Sato that the rice project proposal came about. 

He said the proposal is for a feasibility study to be conducted on the suitability of the basin for commercial rice farming.  

Suidani said the provincial executive in its recent meeting has given its endorsement to the proposed feasibility study and to allow Sato to work with interested Japanese rice investors to conduct this important study. 

The premier appeals to the PE title holders to give their consents to allow for this study to take place on their lands. 

During his visit, Suidani was the guest of honor at the opening of the East Fataleka Ward 14 sporting event and was warmly welcomed by the ward 14 MPA David Solo.