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13 January 2020
[Photo: Fiji Met Service]

Slowly moving out from Solomon seas


A TROPICAL Cyclone was analysed by the Fiji Meteorological office at midday yesterday between Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

However its position is poor based on visible and infrared satellite images.

“The Tropical disturbance is currently slow moving but is expected to move southeast in the next few days to the north of Vanuatu and further towards Fiji.

“Potential for it to develop into a tropical cyclone is Low for the next 24 hours,” the statement released by the Fiji Meteorological office said.

It added that the potential increases to moderate on Tuesday and high from Wednesday onwards between Vanuatu and Fiji.

The pacific weather & tropical cyclone updates also confirmed that a tropical low is developing over the Solomon Islands group possibly to move to Vanuatu waters and then track on toward Fiji waters.

“A heavy rain warning is now current for all provinces Solomon Islands due to a trough of low pressure over the area & strong wind warning for 27 to 46 kph winds for eastern province zones.

“Vanuatu has also a severe weather warning for heavy rain - Torba, Sanma, Penama, and Tafea

“Fiji - cloud cover & developing showers/rain to move in by late Monday into Tuesday,” it was reported.

It also stated that models have shifted to agreement for a potential cyclone to pass over Fiji late Thursday into Friday.

Meanwhile, Tonga is not expected to receive a direct landfall but wind field of strong storm to hurricane winds & heavy rainfall could impact the kingdom from late Thursday into Friday.

Solomon Islands Meteorological Services has issued a Heavy rain warning for all provinces yesterday.

According to the Meteorological office, a trough lies over Solomon Islands and links a low just south of western province.

There is also associated heavy rain is expected to affect all provinces.

“Such heavy rain can lead to flash flood or flooding and possible landslide over communities living near hill slopes, close to large rivers, streams and low lying areas.

“People living near hill slopes, close to rivers, streams and low lying areas are therefore strongly advised to take safety measures to avoid danger and loss of lives and property,” the warning has stated.

It also added that motorists are also advised to use extreme caution when travelling on road. 

“Do not attempt to cross rivers and large streams of unknown depth.”






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