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17 January 2020

RESULTS of the 2019 secondary school forms 3 and 5 has been released and can be accessed on the website of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources.

Education minister Moffat Fugui and his Permanent Secretary Dr Franco Rodie signed off the results on Tuesday.

Fugui said according to a report compiled on the results, 6,914 students from 139 schools sat for the form 5 exams.

On the other hand, 9,497 form 3 students from 257 schools sat for the form 3 exams.

Fugui said the number of students sitting for the form 3 and 5 exams will continue to increase each year as the population increases.

“The report also shows the number of students who leave school for various reason continues to increase annually as well, resulting in less the number of students who actually sit the exams in November last year,” he said.

Director of Teaching and Learning, Linda Wate said in terms of gender, the trend of more male than females continues to occur except for this year’s results, which saw the number of female intake for forms four and six higher than males.

Wate said it’s indication that females are continuing to perform well compared to the past years.

She said the report also revealed that the number of schools and classrooms across the country continues to increase.

Wate added this is a positive trend because it was able to accommodate the growing population each year.

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