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Sir Albert calls for legal education in our schools

20 January 2020
Chief Justice of Solomon Islands Sir Albert R. Palmer inspecting the RSIPF officers during the Legal Year 2020 parade at High Court. [Photo: Lachlan Eddie

CHIEF Justice Sir Albert Palmer has reiterated his call to have legal education introduced into the school curriculum.

Sir Albert repeated the call he made in previous opening addresses at the opening of this year’s legal year opening on Thursday.

“The overarching theme for this year, is ‘Developing a Culture of Lawfulness’,” Sir Albert said.

“I have touched on this theme in previous opening addresses, including suggestions that legal education be introduced in schools,” he added.

Sir Albert in his opening address for the legal year in 2006 had suggested that legal education be taught, lived and applied, in Government, in business and at the village level.

At that time he also called that the community must turn this nation around by allowing the rule of law to permeate our thinking, customs and ways and thereby to shape our future and destiny.

“In other words, creating or building a culture of lawfulness or law abiding citizens,” Sir Albert said.

“If you have a choice, which would you prefer, one built on law and order or one where the rule of the jungle is the order of the day, where might and force is right, and where the rich and powerful rule the day.  

“You see, in a lawful society, whether you are strong or weak, whether you are rich or poor in society, all are treated equal under the law,” Sir Albert said in his speech.

Sir Albert said the reason he reiterated what he said 14 years ago is to encourage and express his support to any proposals to have legal education introduced into the school curriculum. 

He said he is aware that the Attorney General may be exploring and investigating this worthwhile endeavour with the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) and the Government to introduce legal education into schools.  

“I wish such endeavour every success,” Sir Albert said.