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Dunde villagers enthrone chief

20 January 2020
[Photo: Niu Laef Media]

VILLAGERS at Munda, Western Province, last week witnessed the enthronement of Eti Daga of Dunde as their new chief.

Daga was appointed by his predecessor Chief Simion Mamupio 30 years ago to be a chief, but has not been enthroned until Tuesday this week.

Thousands of villagers and invited guests witnessed the occasion.

The Dunde Council of Elders initiated the enthronement ceremony after Daga was appointed to become an executive member of the Council of Elders in 2018.

Prior to Chief Daga’s enthronement, a traditional meeting house (Paele) was opened, which was to be used as a venue for meetings and other engagements.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Daga said although his enthronement has been delayed, he has been playing his chiefly roles over the last 30 years in the village.

He appealed to his people to work together and live for each other as members of the community.

Dunde village has 13 tribes, represented by the Dunde Council of Elders, which is chaired by ohn Pina.

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