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Sore praises instalment of CCTV 

22 January 2020
Rence Sore.


THE instalment of the CCTV at the Honiara City Council Head office recently has paid off with a recent recovery of a huge sum of money that was left in the office, Tuesday.

City Clerk Rence Sore said just on Tuesday a prominent lawyer by the name of Primo Afeau had left a bag with $10,000.00 inside the bag at the HCC office and the bag was later recovered with all its contents with the help of CCTV,” he said.

Sore said HCC is glad to know that CCTV is working and serving its intended purpose.

The HCC has also installed 25 video surveillance cameras at the Central Market area.

The instalment of the cameras will capture footages from the market compound with all its activities.