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Gina wants schools to prioritise local students

22 January 2020
David Gina.

STUDENTS from Western Province should be given priority at schools within the province.

That’s the view of Western Province Premier David Gina, who complained spaces at schools within his province were being given away to students from other provinces.

Gina told the Solomon Star as a result, majority of students from his province were displaced and could not go further in their secondary education.

“This is not fair for students of Western Province,” he said.

Gina claimed 70 per cent of spaces at schools in the province were taken by those from other provinces.

He cited Beulah Secondary school as an example.

“The majority of students who have attended Beulah over the years were not from Western Province.

“They were those from other provinces.

“This is not fair so this practice must be stopped,” he said.

Gina said spaces at vocational schools in the province should also be given to students within Western Province. 

“On that note, I would suggest that the newly opened basic tourism training course at Tabaka Vocational Centre must be offered to more students of Western Province.”

Premier Gina is urging all schools across the province to give priority to students within the province when it comes to selection.

He said Western schools and Vocational Training institutions should not service national policy because every other province is pursuing their own priorities while “ours are being nationalised’’.

“In a town like Noro priority should be given to just local students instead of those from other provinces,’’ he concludes. 

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