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Auki police uproot 500 marijuana plants

23 January 2020
Auki police with marijuana plants uprooted at Alafea, in Central Kwara'ae.

AUKI police uprooted and removed more than 500 Marijuana plants at Alafe area in Central Kwara’ae, Wednesday.

And Inspector Fredrick Pado thanked the community leaders of Alafe and surrounding areas for working together with the police.

He said the raid on the marijuana garden will result in the reduction of the illegal sale and consumption of the drug.

“This is a successful operation for police in Auki targeting marijuana gardens,” Pado said.

He said police have raided marijuana gardens in the same area in the past.

Pado encourages leaders of nearby communities of Alafe to continue to work closely with police to report any illegal practices that may pose security threats to the community.

He also calls to other community leaders in Malaita to come out and work closely with police to maintain law and order in the community.

Early this Auki police visited Sasale community in ward 3 following an invitation to deliver law and order awareness in the community. 

Following the awareness, the community leaders reported a few suspected kwaso brewers in the area.

No arrests have been made in Wednesday’s raid.

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