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Gaena’alu members Korea bound

27 January 2020
The four young men who left for South Korea under the Gaena'alu movement of Komuvoulu village in the Weathercoast.

A GROUP of 4 boys from the Gaena’alu Movement of Komuvaulu village in the Weather coast of Guadalcanal has left for South Korea, on Sunday. 

In an interview held at the Honiara International airport, the Movement’s General Secretary David Cornelius said the group is travelling on a ‘cultural exchange’ program.

He said the Gaena’alu movement was the so called Moro movement was in existence since 1950.

The name was changed to Gaena’alu following the death of its remaining heads in 2016.

Mr Cornelius said the boys were chosen by the Korean group through their cultural performances when they visited the Gaena’alu Movements headquarter with cultural observations, film shots, and the cultural norms.

“The cultural preservations and norms still exist in our villages. This includes wearing of grass skirts for women and kabilato for men,” he added 

The groups include two students and two ordinary Community members.

The program was sponsored by the Korean Film firm and will involve the cultural exchange programs, film making and other required activities that interest them.

He said the idea of cultural exchanged was to observe how well they could learn from the cultural living that people of Gaena’alu displayed to them and how well they create such new ideas coming from a developing county.

Cornelius stated that what was at the back of their minds was to see how much they can do in promoting these Gaena’alu movements with their people. 

He added that this could be a changing world for them as they know that it will benefit them in the future.

This paper was also told that the group will definitely benefit a lot from the trip to Korea, as the association of Komuvaulu village was really pleased with what had happened.

“We are looking forward for some changes in our village lifestyle, upon the return of the four.

The Gaena’alu group will be returning home on the 6th of February, 2020.