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Gizo public petition KHY seafront land

02 February 2020

Members of public in Gizo are signing a petition to oppose current plans of the FTE holders to fence-off Lot 229 in a collaboration to petition the retention of the KHY sea-front.

Reasons circulated along with the petition form say the seafront is one of the few remaining areas used by the public from surrounding islands as a boat landing site.

They are opposing the acquisition and the subsequent intention of the Fixed Term Estate (FTE) Holders.

This paper was told that the intention was to fence the said area.

Therefore, a petition was sent to the Lands Commissioner concerning the land to forfeit the Fixed Term Estate (FTE) under public interest.

In 2016 a notification was given to occupants of the land transfer and that their vacation of the seafront area was required.

The notice was received with hostility and an outright refusal by the occupants and public to be removed from the area sighting its current use as a landing site for their boat.

“We are depending very much on using this access area and if denied its use we would be affected very much in our daily and commercial life,” explained a boat driver.

Yet as of last Monday, an official court order was issued and a number of eviction notices were served to the current occupants of KHY seafront area on Monday.

Public response however remains the same towards the matter and it is yet unclear whether a police intervention would be required in the coming days to assist in the removal of occupants or a wind change decision by authorities would re-determine an alternate outcome 

Comments are being sought from the party that is responsible.

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