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Manelusi brings ‘message of hope’ to inmates

02 February 2020
Commissioner addressing the inmates during the visit.

In his visit last Friday to the Rove Central Correctional Centre (RCCC) inmates, Commissioner Gabriel Manelusi delivered a powerful message of hope to all convicts and remands.

According to a statement from the Correctional Services Solomon Islands (CSSI), the visit was purposely to update inmates on the progressions and feedbacks on matters of their concern to the commissioner’s office.

These are matters that have been raised during his previous visit to the Centre. 

Mr Manelusi when delivering his remarks said he brought with him greeting from the government, churches, traditional leaders, CSSI families and people of Solomon Islands with their support and prayers for all inmates nationwide.

His highlight of the visit was a message of hope and transformation.

“Our mission for 2020 is how we can change the world for better or change our community or family to be better so that we all can enjoy the life and our purpose on this earth and to ensure our country and our communities are safe, enjoyable and peaceful,” said Manelusi.

Commissioner Manelusi again reiterated that his key message on the mission is on conditions to see God. 

“How can you and I see God.

“We need to seek God, we need to turn from our old ways and we need to live a holy life since all our doings are recorded in the kingdom of God,” he added.

Mr Manelusi told the inmates that the CSSI’s mission together with that of the inmates is to heal their (inmates) hearts and minds before they can change the world. 

“We need to change first in our lives before we can change others.”

 He encourage every convict and remand inmates of RCCC to respect the law, respect the correctional centre’s properties, respect our correctional officers and respect each other as we progress together for the future of this organization. God bless you and God bless our nation, Solomon Islands.

Meanwhile commandant RCCC and his management do acknowledge and thank the commissioner and his executives for the tremendous visit. 

RCCC will continue to strive to achieve its obligations despite challenges faced and will continue to improve, strengthen and implement positive changes as we progress the future of our organization, said RCCC Supervising Commandant Francis Kiri.