03 February 2020
Mockson Aaron.

PROMINENT Gizo businessman Mockson Aaron says he has not been given a fair opportunity  when served an eviction notice on Monday the 27th of January after 20 years of business and development in the KHY seafront area in Western province (WP).

The Gizo Waterfront Night-Club and Restaurant owner received an eviction letter giving him notice to vacate the land on which he was occupying within seven (7) days because the plot he was operating a business on had been attained by a new owner.

Mockson explained that developers had once attempted to clear the area in 2016 but failed due to a hostile reception by occupants.

“At the time I was not included and so you can imagine my surprise when I was told to vacate the area this time around.”

He said he had found it unfair that as a current local business operator he was not given courtesy to be offered acquisition despite his many attempts throughout previous Western Provincial Governments (WPG).

“It is my understanding that any person having lived and developed upon a land for 20 years is essentially given priority to attain it.”

“Secondly I understand that the jurisdiction over the KHY seafront area Lot 229 was returned to the WPG under it Premier and find it suspicious to be given through the commissioner..”

Because of his understanding Mr Aaron continuously throughout the years sought assistance from the Premier's office and other authorities of which he still has copies of the letters written and sent.

Given the opportunity to use a part of its seafront area, Aaron spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years to build and reclaim land sea-wards after clearing the dirty seafront that had been used as an toilet site for over 40 years.

Aaron said he feels the Ministry of Lands had not done a thorough enough job that would have recognized his attempts of acquisition Lot 229 and given priority to him and other long time occupants.

‘I truly feel that Lot 229 Fixed Term Estate (FTE) title was acquired in a corrupt manner, and do not see myself vacating the area at this time to simply walk away from years of hard work with an estimated value in the millions.

Mockson Aaron and others like him call on their Government to assist them in this matter.

Communication has been made between this newspaper and FTE holders of LOT 229 KHY seafront and is expect to publish a response in coming days.