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New ministers join Suidani’s MARA Govt 

04 February 2020
From left, Speaker Ronnie Butala, new minister of Women, Youth and Sports Iven Tonafalea, new minister of Commerce Glen Waneta, Premier Daniel Suidani, new minister of Lands and Administration Felix Bosokuru.

FOLLOWING the sacking of four ministers from the Malaita Provincial government on January 24, another four new ministers were sworn in.

The four new ministers took their oath at the Malaita Provincial Chambers on Monday.

The inclusion of the four new ministers brings the number of ministers in the Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) government to a full house of 17 ministers.

The four MPAs who sworn in as new ministers are; Felix Bosokuru who is the new minister of Lands and Admin, Elijah Asilaua who is the new minister of Forestry, and Glen Waneta as minister of Commerce.

Iven Tonafalea is the new minister of Women, Youth, and Sports replacing Preston Billy.

Mr Billy was reshuffled to head Eastern Region as the new minister of Eastern region replacing the sacked Minister Alick Butala.

Premier Suidani welcomes the four new ministers to his executive when speaking at the swearing in ceremony on Monday.

In response to Premier Suidani's welcome remarks, the new minister for Forestry Mr. Asilaua thanked the premier for having confidence in them.

Asilaua said they will perform their duties to the best of their ability.

The four new ministers took their oath in the presence of the Speaker Ronnie Butala, Clerk Matthew Maefai, Premier Daniel Suidani, Deputy Premier Randol Sifoni, Provincial Secretary Fredrick Faabasua and other MPAs.

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