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Suidani: top police officers should remain

05 February 2020
Daniel Suidani.

Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani has raised concern over policing in Malaita Province after information surfaced that most of the top cops serving in Malaita over the years will be posted elsewhere in the country. 

Premier Suidani told this paper in an exclusive interview that Malaita, a province with the biggest population deserves to be served by top police officers with experience and sound knowledge of Malaita people and culture.  

The premier said top officers should remain in Malaita to ensure peace and security is stable in the province.

He said without law and order there will be no peace and no development.

Premier Suidani added that to maintain law and order to trigger development, Malaita needs top police officers on the ground.

With that, he said instead of posting current top police officers serving in Malaita to other provinces in the country, more of well-discipline police officers should be sent to Malaita to strengthen the RSIPF capacity in the province.

Premier Suidani is worried that the absence of top police officers in the province in the coming years might trigger criminal activities to rise in the province which will destruct the provincial government in implementing its development plans.


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