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Why no 7th formers from MUP PSSs

06 February 2020

Makira Ulawa school teachers have queried why no sixth formers from the province’s secondary schools have been given seventh form places this year at national secondary schools.

Secondary school teachers spoken to said they have been checking whether or not some sixth formers from their schools have been given seventh form places at the national secondary schools but only to find there have been none.

Now they are wondering why this has happened adding they would like to get explanations from the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development in Honiara.

Others have described what has happened as an indirect discouragement to them as trained professional teachers.

But they said the education headquarters in Honiara may have the explanations which they would be happy to know.

Meanwhile, newly trained and qualified teachers continues to wait in Kirakira for their 2020 postings.

Teachers spoken to said they suddenly realized that their salaries have been ceased because they no longer retain their teaching posts.

They have come to Kirakira to find out their new teaching postings from the education department.

They said the education office has assured them that there will likely be a realignment of teacher postings, some secondary teachers may have to teach in primary schools for a year while postings are being looked at.

They said they have also been assured that once their new realigned postings are confirmed, the teachers whose salaries may have been impacted on will be sorted out while the newly trained teachers will be given postings and put on the payroll.

By George Atkin 
In Kirakira