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Support for MARA, Suidani high

21 February 2020

Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) government under the leadership of Primer Daniel Suidani is showing the way forward for the province and rest of Malaitans says Austin Ata.

Speaking to Solomon Star Auki on Thursday Mr.Ata congratulate Premier Suidani, Provincial Secretary Fredrick Fa'abasua, and head of PARAU office Celsus Talifilu for uplifting Malaita Provincial Government to a new height in terms of order and management.

He said in the past years, Malaita Provincial Government is a laughing stock especially with the illegal borrowing and financial mismanagement that bring the province down to its knees. 

However, he said with the current administration, the province is able to see some changes in terms of how the province tighten its spending and increase in the revenue collection.

He said the latest announcement of a big leap from $56.00 to $14million within seven months is a positive sign for the province where he said shows that with the right people leading the province, Malaita is bound to achieve greater things for its people. 

He said by the look of things, Malaita is preparing to be a self-sufficient province which has the potential to stand alone in the years to come.

Mr.Ata said the current provincial administration has given hopes to the people of Malaita where he encourages them to continue the good work.

With that, he also cautions the Provincial Government to take extra care when dealing with logging companies where he said the logging industry is a corrupt industry that is famous for ruining people's reputation.

"I want you to stand your ground and do what is right for our province when dealing with logging companies."

"We the people of Malaita wish the current MARA government all the best in your leadership, we are pushing behind you as our chosen leaders with the heart for this province."

in Auki