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Malaita MPs told: Be responsible 

24 February 2020
Daniel Suidani.

PREMIER Daniel Suidani has made an appeal to the Members of Parliament (MPs) representing Malaita Province to think about the people they are representing in parliament. 

Mr. Suidani made the call in light of the exposed USD100 billion proposed deal persuaded by the Finance Minister Hurry Kuma.

Speaking to this paper, the Malaita premier said the proposal has the potential to drain dry all the natural resources of the Solomon Islands.  

“This deal is an eternal debt trap which will take all our land and resources,” he warned. 

He said the deal if comes to reality will make the current and future generation suffer and become slaves in their own land to repay the loan. 

“It will make us, our children and grandchildren slaves to those providing the loan.”  

As a result, the Premier is appealing to Malaita MPs to think seriously about the future of Malaitans and its people in the light of his huge risky loan deal. 

“I appeal to all Malaita MPs to think of their people, their land and their future as a top priority.

“The people of Malaita will be questioning why they support a government that will sell away all our futures in such a way.”

Meanwhile, Premier Suidani is calling on the MPs who are in support of the current DCGA regime to stop, think, and do the right thing as mandated leaders representing Malaita at the national level. 

In Auki