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MPA queries $200k for Wagina celebrations 

25 February 2020

MEMBER of Provincial Assembly (MPA) for Choiseul province Clement Kengava has questioned the provincial government over its planned Second Appointed Day celebration in Wagina and the SBD$200,000.00 that was allocated.

In a statement to the Solomon Star yesterday, Mr. Kengava said the Revised Choiseul Province Budget passed in Assembly October last year, allocated $200,000.00 for this year's Second Appointed Day celebration.

However, the Qoloni Government has decided that Choiseul Second Appointed Day celebration this year shall be held in Wagina Ward, on Wagina Island in South Choiseul Constituency.

This has raised serious concern for Mr. Kengava who is also an assembly backbencher.

"My concern is the spending of $200,000.00 in one Ward, including a 4 hours retreat to Arnavon Marine Protected Area, an atoll island in Isabel Province. 

“This is really extravagant spending by the Province which is so weak in collecting its local revenues,” he said.

He added that whilst the intention in bringing such high-level celebration to Wards is good in sharing with the people, this year’s huge amount of $200,000.00 could be even better spent in celebration throughout the 16 Wards. 

“Each Ward could be shared $12,500.00,” Kengava stated.

Lastly, he said the visit to Arnavon Island in Isabel Province by the Premier of Choiseul Province requires some protocol by informing the Premier of Santa Isabel Province. 

“I hope the Choiseul Provincial Secretary cleared the courtesy needed. 

“If not, it’s really a non-acceptable administrative failure,” he said.