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Lepese discharged, fined

27 February 2020
An excavator removing buildings at the Old KHY area.

The Provincial Member for Dovele- Ward 10, Vella La Vella Lepese Paul was released from Police Custody 7.30 pm Tuesday night.

This followed a High Court ruling which ordered that defendant Paul Lepese be discharged forthwith from custody.

Lepese was arrested on Saturday night after challenging the High Court for undermining and challenging the court order issued by the Sheriff of the High Court. 

The other defendant to the case Sokeni Katovai was also discharged. 

Also, the High Court rules that the claimants shall be entitled to remain on possession of the land.

The decision handed down on Tuesday afternoon by the High Court ordered Lepese to pay a sum of $1000 fine within fourteen days.

The fine was imposed under the said order dated 8 August 2017 and filed on 21 August 2017, this was a previous incidence the defendant was involved then.

The Court also ordered Lepese to pay a sum of $12,248 over a 24 fortnightly instalment of $500 each and a final instalment of $248.

These instalments commenced in two weeks’ time.

Lepese has been ordered to pay this to the trust account of the claimant’s solicitor, being Sol-law Trust Account No 1, Account No 01-196528-0403-8 to the Bank of the South Pacific in Honiara.

Names of the claimants include; Zhou Jian Ming, Jeremy and Greg Young – executors Ronald Charles Thomas, now dead.

The defendants, in this case, include Lepese Paul, Walter Katovai family and all occupants of Parcel number 097-005-10.

The High Court further ruled that the application (as amended) to suspend the enforcement order dated 21 January is dismissed.

The Court also dismissed an application to vacate or revoke the orders and warrants for committal for contempt dated 8 August 2017.

Meanwhile, the demolition exercise of the KHY Seafront area is still on the process and moving towards the east of the area where several buildings were being dismantled by the local contractor’s workers.

The presence of Police Response Unit (PRU) and Police officers were visible since the demolition exercise commenced over the weekend.