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New Varese CHS opens

27 February 2020

VARESE community in South East Vella La Vella, Western Province on Tuesday officially commissioned its recently completed community high school (CHS).

The opening of the school means the school will now be offering its first form one as of this year.

Hundreds of guests, students, staff and community members witnessed the grand opening.

Special guests including the Minister for United Church in Malasova village and several sisters’ church, chief representatives, senior project managers, and constituency officials.

In his opening remarks, Head Master for Varese primary school Ngaturu Bale speaking on behalf of the new principal for Varese CHS who was unavailable said that the handing over and the official opening of the school marks a historic moment for the people of Varese and the surrounding communities that will benefit from the new school.

Mr. Bale explained the school project commenced in 2011 but was delayed due to a lack of proper project coordination and funding.

He said with the community now having its own community high school, so the school will now able to enroll its first form one class.

He said next year the school will proceed to introduce form two and will continue on until it reaches form six.

Mr. Bale said the presence of the school will benefit the communities and the nearby islands.

“With the presence of this new school will now be able to nurture our future human resources for the betterment of our people and the surrounding communities for a good cause,’’ he added.

Varese community rep William Periki has thanked the communities of Varese village including men, women youth and children for their cooperation, working together and contribution to ensure the project is finally fulfilled.

He reminded the community to look after the school for the future generation to come.

Southeast Vella Constituency Development Officer (CDO) Vouva Tovavaki has thanked the people of Varese community for supporting the project.

He said with the completion of the new school the people of Varese must look after it and have ownership of this school.

He explained the school building has been halted for some 9 years due to lack of staff houses and now it is a blessing to see new staff houses.

Tovavaki thanked the Parliament Member (MP) for the constituency for supporting the project as well.

He also thanked the people of Varese especially the chiefs in working together with the provincial and national leaders to ensure the project becomes successful.

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