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‘SINPF must step in’

27 March 2020

AN economist and former top public servant say the Solomon Islands National Provident Fund (SINPF) should allow members to withdraw part of their savings with the fund.

George Kosui made the call in light of the threats from the deadly coronavirus, which has already reached neighbouring countries.

Kosui in a statement on Thursday said the coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented and as such has affected most of the countries around the globe. 

“While the big countries have options to contain the pandemic, others including our very own country, Solomon Islands are struggling to even get prepared for any outbreak of this deadly virus.

“We still don’t have any confirmed cases but we should not be ignorant and we should work very hard to keep it that way,” he said.

He added the Government has taken some of the actions such as the banning of flights to non-citizens and the recent one, the announcement of a state of public emergency.

However, he said the next serious one that is yet to come is a total lockdown of the country soon as the country gets the virus.

Kosui said it is of paramount importance to seek assistance from SINPF to help members and their families prepare for any outbreaks.

“I am suggesting that a group comprising of the SINPF members prepare a proposal and submit to the Minister of Finance recommending payment of $10,000 for members of the fund.

“I think it is an appropriate time for members to seek assistance from the Fund.

“We need to prepare this document and send it to Minister of Finance, copied to the CEO of the Fund of this proposal,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Solomon Star understands that the Ministry of Finance & Treasury (MoFT) was already aware of this.