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Manetiva on COVID-19 strategies

01 April 2020
Stanley Manetiva.

CENTRAL Islands Premier Stanley Manetiva says that his province is looking at certain emergency regulations under the emergency powers following the state of emergency declaration with regards to the threats posed by COVID-19. 

Manetiva said that they are looking at an immediate medium-term strategy that involves intra-provincial cooperation arrangements between Central Province, Isabel Province and Malaita Province (AUTUBU).

He said under the mutual cooperation agreement, Central Province will trigger this strategy with Malaita and Isabel Province for Intra provincial joint cooperation especially in the event that Honiara and Guadalcanal Province are the epicentres of COVID-19.

He added that the plan works on the spirit of common understanding known as AUTUBU and Helpem Fren for purposes of accessing banking services, intra-domestic trade and restocking of supplies should Honiara is in lockdown.

“Central Province will commence talks with Malaita Province and other stakeholders with immediate effect for the purposes of achieving a mutual understanding for accessing banking services, intra-trade and restocking of supplies,” he said.

Manetiva said all teachers, nurses and provincial workers are encouraged to have access to mobile banking for purposes of accessing finance in rural areas.

“Subject to instructions from the Ministry of Provincial Government in collaboration with the national government on the use of provincial budget for purposes of responding to the coronavirus prevention and protection and lockdown of Honiara, the provincial government will purchase stocks to sustain the general public of Central Province for a period of 4 months,” he said.

He said the province will also ask the private sector to go into the stocking of goods and cash to ensure trade and survival continues in the rural areas of the province.

“The provincial government is also encouraging the residents of Central Province to also plant economic crops and feed livestock in preparation for the economic resurgence and revitalization of the provincial economy,” he said.