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RSIPF assists in determining how many people missing from the boat Taemareho

04 April 2020

Officers from the Royal Solomon Island Police Force in Auki are now assisting the captain and crew of the boat TAEMAREHO to confirm how many people are missing from the boat MV Taemareho in the early hours of 3 April 2020 while travelling from Taivu to Aiarai in West Are ‘are in Malaita Province.

Reports reaching the Police say there was no record of the names of the people who boarded the boat when it left Honiara for Aiarai in West Are’Are on the evening of 2 March 2020. This makes it difficult to determine at this stage how many people are missing until a thorough check has been done.

The people, who went missing from the boat, are believed to have fallen off during heavy seas caused by the bad weather associated with tropical cyclone Harold currently affecting the Solomon Islands.

Director of RSIPF Maritime Department, Chief Superintendent Charles Fox Sau says, “Initial reports say the captain of the boat had no knowledge of the missing people until he was informed when the boat arrived at her destination at Aiarai. At this stage, we cannot confirm how many people are missing as an investigation into this sad incident continues.”

“RSIPF officers from Auki are already at Su’u Harbour where the boat is taking shelter to assist in confirming the number of people of missing and find out what actually happened,” says Chief Superintendent Sau.

“I want to strongly warn boat owners and their skippers to take note of weather reports issued by the Met Service before embarking on any trip between our islands. We do not want you to put the lives of your passengers at risk,” Maritime Director Sau emphasises.

- Police Media