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Gov’t told to sack Faisi

07 April 2020
Samson Faisi.

MALAITA Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani has called on the DCGA government to sack the Director of Political Administration in the Caucus Office Samson Fasisi for a foul word believed to be directed at his administration.

The call came after Faisi used Facebook to swear at those who cautioned the government to halt COVID-19 kits coming from China which is currently on its way to the country. 

Faisi’s swearing insulted those who cautioned the government to halt COVID-2019 kits from China.

In an interview with Solomon Star Auki, Premier Suidan said the MARA government under his leadership is the only provincial government to have cautioned the government to halt the COVID-2019 kits from China. 

He said Faisi should have expressed his concern in a clear way without having to utter swearing and insulting words to try to make his point. 

He said the government employee is fully aware of the Malaita Provincial Government’s stand on the issue adding it is totally disrespectful for a government official to swear at “those of us who cautioned the government” to ensure the Solomon Islands gets the best kit supply in times like this.

Premier Suidani said for someone who holds a public office position to carelessly post such swearing insult on social media knowing perfectly that Malaita Provincial Government is the one cautioning the government on this matter is totally unacceptable and should be shown the exit door.

He said failure by the government of the day to terminate Faisi will see Malaita Province seek compensation from the government because of the insult.

The premier said in Malaita culture, anyone who listens to this father will not behave this way.

Most Malaitans who have access to social media particularly, the Malaita Province Development Forum are calling on the government to terminate Faisi.

Malaitans also call on Faisi to compensate the province and do a public apology. 

Many citizens also expressed their dislike for the COVID-19 kits from China due to the fact the coronavirus originated from China and the rejection of China kits by other international communities. 

Meanwhile, Faisi had contacted the province and apologised over his swearing.

He claimed the posting on his private page was really meant for his friends who are concern with the China COVID-19 kits and not the province.

Last year, Faisi was forced to pay compensation to the Leader of Opposition Mathew Wale for swearing at him outside the High Court.

This was during a court case that Wale filed, challenging the election of Manasseh Sogavare as prime minister after the 2019 April elections.

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