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Resident wants HCC investigated

14 May 2020
Rence Sore (L), Billy Abae (C) and Mayor Wilson Mamae (R) have been in the centre of the controversial HCC fire extinguisher initiative.

A LONG time Honiara resident John Kina has called on responsible authorities to investigate the controversy over the Honiara City Council fire extinguisher initiative.

Kina said the Minister of Home Affairs and the Leadership Code Commission should take a deep look into the matter and take the necessary action should it be deemed right under the relevant laws.

He said seeing the matter being brought to light and the subsequent mud-slinging that resulted from it, responsible authorities must step in to resolve the situation.

“The matter at hand contains some serious breaches including corruption and it is only proper that those concerned be called on to step aside so that investigations into these allegations are conducted,” Kina said.

He further said that what transpired recently in the media seemed to indicate that the City Clerk wants to shelve some fishy practices from public knowledge because he should be the one answerable on behalf of the Council.

“It seems that something is not right within HCC and it is high time to have it investigated for the sake of good governance and accountability especially for the residents of Honiara,” he said.

“We are sick and tired of self-serving Councilors and officers who are there to enrich themselves with public funds,” he added.

 Meanwhile, a former Councilor who asked not to be named said it is sad to see such a monster rearing its head from what many described as a newly groomed City Council under the leadership of Mayor Wilson Mamae and clerk Sore.

He welcomed the sacked finance chair Billy Abae’s earlier intention to forward the matter to the leadership Code Commission for determination.

Members of the public especially those commenting on social media have voiced similar sentiments, calling on leaders concerned to step aside to allow for the investigation to take place.

“If they still have any more honesty, integrity, dignity, and honor left in them...they should resign voluntarily...and allow an investigation to proceed by relevant authorities,” one commentator said.