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Call to respect provincial government protocols

15 May 2020

The Development Services Exchange (DSE) on behalf of its Civil Society Organisations in the Solomon Islands calls on the government to practice the Do No Harm approach when dealing with provincial governments especially when it continues to advocate for unity amongst Solomon Islanders in light of the implementation of the State of Emergency Orders in the country.

DSE  is concern about the recent visits by the Chinese Officials accompanied by two Members of Parliament on Tuesday this week to Malaita Province who bypasses normal protocols that are supposed to be accorded on any Provincial governments and in this case the Malaita Provincial government.

Government officials or any sovereign head of states are entitled to be accorded treatment given to VIPs, and DSE questions the lack of diplomacy by the Chinese officials and the government for not respecting protocol arrangements and show no respect to a legitimate government or a provincial government for that matter. 

The General Secretary of the Development Services Exchange Jennifer Wate says this is a reminder call on Government and especially to any foreign officials or other respective authorities who have the interest to work in any of our provinces. “In the COVID-19 State of Emergency and during peacetime we need to always adhere to relevant protocols or practice.”  

She says Political stability and responsible Leadership are of paramount importance during COVID-19 period to avoid harmful impacts on our vulnerable groups etc.

Mrs. Wate calls on the Solomon Islands and its people to be united and resilient during these difficult times.  

She says Solomon Islanders are known for their resilience and will continue to be resilient during these difficult times the country is facing because now we can always resort to our community values and practice as the foundation of our existence. 

Meanwhile, DSE assures Solomon Islands people of the ongoing support the NGOs both local and international NGOs continue to provide to our people in the COVID-19 preparedness.  DSE calls on NGO workers who are  living in rural communities to support the work of women, youth and community leaders in one way or the other in light of the impacts our 

DSE is the coordinating body for Non-Government Organisations in the Solomon Islands.