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Bail refused for One Link director 

15 May 2020
Members of Onelink Pacifica turned up at the Central Police Station in Honiara after the arrest of One Link Director recently.

A BAIL application made for One Link Pacifica’s director Gerrad Tauohu has been refused yesterday, in the Honiara Magistrate’s Court.

Deputy Chief Magistrate Ricky Iomea said Tauohu on two occasions had refused to attend two records of interviews with the police.

“This is an indication of an unwillingness to co-operate with the police,” Iomea said in his ruling on Thursday.

Iomea said further evidence from a police investigator also suggested that there are people who are not happy with Tauohu.

“I am satisfied that the applicant’s surety cannot be guaranteed at this stage.”

Iomea added that in the absence of assurance from Tauohu himself by way of a sworn statement he is not convinced that the concerns and fears raised by the prosecution will be alleviated by imposition of any strict bail condition at this stage.

“In the exercise of my discretion, the applicant for bail is refused,” Iomea ordered.

Tauohu is seeking to be released on bail while waiting for his trial.

He applied for bail on the basis that he has a right to bail, there is no flight risk, no risk of re-offending and there are sureties’ available.

Tauohu also filed two sworn statements from his two sureties who are church workers but no sworn statement from himself to assure the court he will abide by any conditions that the court may impose if he is released on bail.

The court heard that one of the sureties was willing to pay a cash bail of $10,000.

The Prosecution however strongly objected to the bail application on grounds that Tauohu might interfere with the investigation which is still ongoing and he had also demonstrated an unwillingness to co-operate with police.

Public Prosecutor Jonathan Auga submitted that the police have only managed to recover about $300,000 out of the $56,440,475.

He had submitted that out of the 119 complaints who lodged complaints with the police, only five complaints from five complainants have been processed resulting in the current charges.

The prosecution also submitted Tauohu refused two requests by police to attend interviews and that his safety is at risk as many who invested their money in the scheme had not received any returns and are believed to be angry.

Tauohu is currently facing one count of operating an unlicensed financial institution under the Financial Institutions Act 1998 and 39 counts of false pretence under the Penal Code.

Police arrested Tauohu after receiving complaints from One Link mentors and customers who had invested in the scheme but are yet to receive their payments.

A total of $336,891.20 was recovered so far from Tauohu.

Tauohu is due in court again on May 29.

Rodgers Tovosia of DNS & Partners law firm is representing Tauohu.