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RSIPF arrests four youth for stoning the Yandina Police Station

15 May 2020
Supervising Provincial Police Commander Central Province Hugo Maelasi.

Officers of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) in Tulagi Central Province have arrested four youth allegedly involved in the stoning of the Yandina Police Station in the Russell Islands on 10 May 2020.

Supervising Provincial Police Commander Central Province Hugo Maelasi says, “Officers at the Yandina Police Station requested reinforcement to support them to arrest the four youth involved in the incident of disorder and stoning of a police station.”

PPC Maelasi explains, “In the early hours of 10 May a group of youth challenged the officers at the Yandina Police Station and stoned them as they demanded that the officers release three suspects who were being held in the cell at the Station. The group of youth overcame the police officers throwing stones at them and entered into the police station compound and into the office and then moved over to the police barracks.”

“During the same incident, the group of youth also stoned a police constable’s residence. It is very sad to see the group of youth have no respect for police officers. This is the first time for such an incident to happen.”

PPC Maelasi says, “Four suspects were formally arrested on Monday 11 May 2020 after they surrendered themselves to the police. They were transported to the Tulagi Police Station where they were formally charged and remanded in custody until 13 May to appear before the Court.”

“I call on people of Central Island Province especially at Yandina to respect the work of Police Officers and the Police Station. Let’s all work together to avoid such incidences as we all working together to fight against this COVID-19 pandemic. A police station is established within communities to help maintain law and order. If people do not respect police officers and the police stations then no one will be there to protect our people against criminal elements within our communities,” PPC Maelasi emphasizes.

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