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School fee challenge for parents

16 May 2020

PARENTS and guardians are poised for tough times ahead with school fees as schools across the country are scheduled to resume Monday.

The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development says examination classes – forms 3, 5 and 6 - will resume May 18

Other classes will start the following week.

While students look forward to go back to their schools, parents currently laid off or on half-pay are taking on the pressure.

“I’m happy for the schools to start but my burden now is school fee and lunch money for my children,” one parent told the Solomon Star.

“I think the real issue the oversight committee and the government should consider before recalling classes is parents and guardians find it difficult right now to finance their children,” he added.

“We must remember that most of the parents especially in Honiara and other urban centres are laid off.

“The public service has just sliced 50% of the salary of their workers. How do you expect us to support our children in school?

The parent said to look after our children in Honiara is not easy.

“To make it harder, there are parents with up to five children under their care.”

Another parent who used to get his income from betel nut selling told the Solomon Star:

 “We cannot afford it anymore and worst the government and HCC chased us out and stopped us from selling betel nuts to earn money.” 

Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Educational and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) Dr Franco Rodie said their decision to recall classes was based advice from the COVID- 19 Oversight Committee.




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