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MARA urged to clear overdue mess

19 May 2020
Malaita premier Daniel Suidani.

THE Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) government under the leadership of Premier Daniel Suidani has been called on to clear the long-overdue mess created by the previous provincial executives.

A chief from Fataleka, Andrew Balasi said that one of the messes being left by past governments is the claim of ownership of provincial houses by previous officers. 

Balasi said that to this day, some of these workers continue to reside in these houses despite the fact that they no longer working for the provincial government.   

He said since the Suidani government has done some better things for the province and starting to put things in order, they should also start looking at this issue.

“I would like to call on the MARA government to remove those former officers leaving in those houses so that they can be renovated for serving officers,” he said.

Balasi said that it is sad to see serving officers struggling to find homes for their families and some even have to be housed in nearby villages either at their own expenses or under the provincial rental arrangement.

He said those houses were used by former government employees for quite sometimes now and some of the houses were even rented out as if they are owned by those former government employees.

“Some of them even bring their extended families from the rural areas to occupy those houses,” he said.

Balasi said as most of the buildings were built many years ago and now running down and needs renovation.

“Those houses are owned by the province and why these former officers continue to occupy them and even lay claims of ownership over them is questionable,” he said. 

He then calls on the Suidani led government for the sake of transparency and accountability to clear all those messes which have been there for quite sometimes now.