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MID to repossess property

20 May 2020
The MID Building in Auki which is currently under private ownership.

THE Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MID) plans to reequip the MID Civil Support Unit (CSU) in Malaita Province, says Permanent Secretary Stephen Maesiola. 

MID CSU in Malaita has been handicapped for the past 15 years to the point that CSU also lost its office after a lands officer previously served at the lands office in Auki sold the land and building to a private businessman. 

PS Maesiola said the plan now is for MID to get the land and office space back and reequip CSU to allow it to be fully functional in the province. 

According to information obtained by this paper, MID CSU in Auki since the suspicious transferring of its office to a private businessman has no proper office for the past 15 years. 

Information obtained claimed that CSU officer in Auki only use a vehicle after its office was sold for only $2,500.

MID office in Auki needs its CSU to be fully functional to serve its purpose.

Moves are underway to have the office and land transferred back to MID.

This paper was told that once the part of the MID land and building returned to MID, the office space will be used by CSU and World Bank. 

in Auki