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Lockdown gaps to be patched: PS 

26 May 2020
Pauline McNeil.

PERMANENT Secretary for the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) says the ministry has identified gaps that need to be strengthened for future lockdowns.

Pauline McNeil stressed this during the Talk Back show held at the national broadcaster, Sunday.

 “With the lockdown exercise, we were able to identify some of the gaps and areas that we need to improve on,’’ she said.

“That includes updating and reviewing the SOPs as well as refreshing of training and guidelines.

The PS further stressed that this is to ensure if there’s another lockdown or even if we happen to record our first positive COVID-19 case, the Ministry’s frontline officers will be well prepared to handle the situation.

 “On this note on the lockdown, I would also like to thank our front liners and especially our health workers who participated during the 36 hours lockdown last week.

“I think the lockdown itself was a good testing exercise for all of us and especially for the Ministry of Health to see our shortfalls and where we need to improve on.

“One of the areas we’ve noted is on the area of information sharing and efficiency of our work.

She said that delay in sharing information will affect other areas of response.

“So we’ve noted that and will improve on them when reviewing the SOPs to fill in these gaps and weaknesses.