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Mangau denies knowledge of new money scheme

30 May 2020

POLICE have denied receiving information relating to any police officers or anyone setting up a scheme called “Crowd One”.

Acting Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau made this response when asked by a reporter of rumours that one of his officers had started the Crowd One scheme.

“I have no information of that scheme,” Mangau said.

“……. and I am happy if you would give me that information in writing so that I am aware about that scheme,” he added.

When asked if he encourages his officers to involve in that scheme, Mangau said it is not encouraged in the police organisation to join such illegal activities.

“As earlier mentioned, police will continue to stand with Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) against those illegal set ups in our community.

“….so police will be here to support other agencies to ensure that people practice the right thing and to ensure we provide safety and protection for our citizens,” Mangau said.

He said when One Link Pacifica was emerged he had issued a sanction to discourage his officers taking part in such activities.

“If there are such activities coming up, RSIPF officers are encouraged not to take the risk and participate in illegal activities set up in communities.”