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PM clarifies exemption concern

30 May 2020

PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare has clarified that no foreign personnel’s are exempted from the 28 days quarantine.

Sogavare made this clarification following misleading statements published in the social media recently.

He said the foreign personnels that arrived in the country on the repatriation flights this week are in quarantine and they will remain there for 28 days.

“Claims that these foreign nationals are exempted from quarantine are malicious lies,” Sogavare said.

“The people of our beloved country do not deserve to be lied to, especially during a state of public emergency,” he added.

Prime Minister Sogavare said spreading of such lies is not only malicious but also pathetic. 

“If any of you need to clarify certain issues please simply contact the relevant authorities. 

“As a responsible Government we welcome constructive criticisms from everyone. 

“But this Government does not welcome certain people who continue to lie to our people under the pretext of constructive criticisms,” he said.

The Prime Minister said his Government is responsible for protecting citizens from being exposed to such lies that are being regurgitated and perpetuated over and over again by certain people. 

In the case of the seven Australian cabin crews, Prime Minister Sogavare further clarified that he made two Orders specifically for the cabin crews who flew in with Solomon Airlines during the repatriation flights. 

He said firstly to allow them to enter the country and secondly to exempt them from quarantine while transiting. 

“These Orders were made after the cabin crew were cleared and satisfied all health protocols, and in accordance with standard operating procedures. 

“These cabin crews have since left our country back to Brisbane with Solomon Airlines on 27th May 2020,” he said.

The Prime Minister said these Orders offer reciprocal treatment for our Solomon Airline pilots in Brisbane. 

“The Australian government exempts our pilots from quarantine while in Australia, which is the only reason they can fly to repatriate our nationals. 

“That is the same arrangement we offered the aircrew on Tuesday evening, for one night only, to ensure our citizens in Port Vila and Fiji could be been repatriated,” Sogavare explained.



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