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Malaitan leaders urged to unite

03 June 2020
Nathan Maegwari.

A MALAITA man has called on both the executive and non-executive Members of the Malaita Provincial Assembly (MPA) to stand firm and remain united under the Suidani-led MARA government. 

Nathan Maegwari from Gwounaoa community in Ward 3 in West Kwara’ae made the call following allegations that a previously sacked MPA is lobbying to overthrow the current Malaita Provincial Executive.

Mr. Maegwari claimed an MPA is working behind the scene to move a motion of no confidence in the upcoming provincial government meeting. 

If the motion is to be tabled at all, it would be in July this year when the provincial government next convenes.

Maegwari alleged that certain national Malaita Members of Parliament are likely behind the move to oust the MARA government.

 “The MPA clearly stated that some Malaita national Members of Parliament are colluding to overthrow the Suidana-led MARA government,” Maeggwari said.

“I want to call on all MPAs of both executive and non-executive to stand firm and do what is right for Malaita Province.

“I want to make it clear to the MPAs who are plotting to overthrow the MARA government to think again.

“MARA has the overwhelming support of the people of Malaita and to overthrow it for selfish ends would be a mistake.

 “Attempts of any form or shape to remove the MARA leadership will affect the province one way or the other,” he added.

Mr. Maegwari claimed that the national MPs are looking for weak MPAs to carry out the dirty work on their behalf after having unsuccessful attempts at unseating the MARA-led provincial government.

He claimed that it is no secret that the national government dislikes Premier Suidani for taking a bold stand on leadership issues to which the most notorious of all is his refusal to accept the switch to China and perhaps, the expulsion of Chinese logging interests on Malaita.

He cautioned that money will be at play to get the motion through.

However, he challenged that a real Malaita leader who is concern about the welfare and prosperity of his tribe, ward, and constituency will not choose money over his people’s well-being.

He said that if there is any time in history that Malaitans need to stand together for the good of its people, the time is now.  

He said that Malaita does not need a motion of no confidence, but rather a concerted united effort to achieve the province’s development aspirations.

According to information received the sacked MPAs and including none executive members have engaged in a number of hidden meetings in preparation for a possible motion of no confidence in July this year.

This year MARA government has sacked five MPAs and replaced them with new ones.

The reasons for the sacking according to Premier Suidani are lack of performance and acting outside of MARA government's interest which he equated to acting outside of the Province's interest. 

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