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Police probe on Djokovic still active

05 June 2020
Robson Djokovic.

POLICE are continuing their investigations into Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare’s Chief of Staff Robson Djokovic.

Acting Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau said investigators are working hard and doing their best to progress this investigation.

“The delay of the investigation was because of the huge number of investigations and arrests made in the recent lockdown,” Mangau said.

He added that it is not easy because while they are carrying out their normal policing duties they are also enforcing the state of public emergency regulation.

“We had curfews and the recent lockdown and our resources were diverted to assist in the arrests made during those times,” he further added.

“Police are continuing to do their investigations.

“…. and as long as investigation progress you will be informed on the outcome of the investigation,” Mangau told reporters yesterday.

Mangau said the investigation is focusing on Djokovic’s citizenship and his registration to vote in last year’s National General Election.

Djokovic, whose father is an Australian and his mother from Choiseul Province, is the nephew of Prime Minister Sogavare.

He owns and travels using an Australian passport, therefore an Australian citizen.

Djokovic, 47, has been issued two-year exemption visas since 2013 to work and live here.

His current exemption visa was issued in April this year and will expire in May 2021.

Police launched the investigation based on complaints the Opposition Office initiated.