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Ngati hits back at Mamae

07 June 2020
Reginald Ngati.

VURA ward councillor Reginald Ngati says city mayor Wilson Mamae should think before making media accusations.

He was responding to Mamae’s claim that certain councillors are conspiring to oust his leadership.

Mamae said these councillors are doing it for their own vested interests.

And the mayor stated allegations of financial mismanagement these councillors raised against his leadership were part of the scheme to overthrow him.

But Ngati said HCC is about Executive Governance and not opposition or independent.

“So when it comes to executive governance, the only thing we can talk or argue on is about the executive especially the way we do our work and how we look after the disbursement on the line of our duties,” he said.

The Vura councillor said he has no intention to become the mayor as Mamae would want the public to believe.

 “That’s not my political intention and Mamae can go on and complete his four-year term and nothing’s wrong with that because he still has 18 months to go.

“But it’s sad when Mamae starts to politicise the issue when the real concerns are over the way he and the city clerk run the council.

“It’s also sad to see the minister of Home Affairs doing nothing about the allegations and yet find the time to meet a group of selected councillors.”