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A cruel act

10 June 2020
The two-month-old baby is in a very critical condition at the Kilu'ufi hospital.

A two-month-old female infant is fighting for her life after she was thrown three feet down from a veranda to the ground following a heated argument between a husband and wife in Malaita.

Reports reaching this paper said the incident has shocked the community where the incident occurred.

Following the incident, the father was arrested by Auki police.

A Malaita Christian Care Centre (CCC) volunteer when confirming the incident said the father’s action was nothing but an act of inhumanity and must be condemned.

The concerned volunteer said that the incident happened three weeks ago when both parents were locked up in a heated argument over who really fathered the child.

“This has not been the first time this had happened. The father, before and after the mother has given birth to the child has always claimed that he is not the child’s father. 

“He has been looking at the child’s photo on the mobile phone and told his wife that the child is not his. Then the wife deleted the photo and told him she deleted the photo because every time he sees the photo he gets upset with her. 

“Therefore, a fight broke out between the two where the husband attempts to strangle his wife by holding her neck. However, the wife managed to escape. 

“Therefore the husband turns to the baby and inhumanly throw the baby 3 feet down,” said the CCC Volunteer. 

The mother with the help of some villagers rescued the baby by massaging the baby. They then transported the baby through to Afio and Kilu’ufi Hospital.  

The volunteer said the baby was in serious conditions and could not breastfeed from the mother, either move.

“Right now she is supported through whatever medical facilities available at the hospital under close monitoring from the doctors and nurses,” the volunteer said.  

One of the founders of Malaita Christian Care Centre Sister Doreen Awaiasi described the act as very cruel. 

“Although you are angry with the other party (mother) doing such an act to your own baby is unacceptable, because the baby is innocent. When I saw the baby at the hospital it breaks my heart,” he said.  

Sister Awaiasi added when the mother was five months pregnant, the father already denied being the father of the baby. 

“You can just imagine what the child has gone through because even when she was in the womb of her mother she was not welcomed,” said Sister Awaiasi. 

She added that in any issues of family violence, children are always the main victims. 

Sister Awaiasi claimed although the matter was reported to Afio police nothing was done to arrest the man.

It was when the mother called some of the people she knew at Auki police station that they responded and managed to make the arrest. 

Reports from the police media unit yesterday confirmed the arrest made by Auki police on Monday 8th and the father is now in custody.