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Makira-Ulawa needs to be in the news

10 June 2020
Makira-Ulawa premier, Julian Maka'a.

THIS is the popular view many leaders and educated citizens of Makira Ulawa Province hold.

Provincial Premier Julian Maka’a says regular news from Makira Ulawa Province is good because people are informed about what goes on, be they in agriculture, fisheries, tourism, economics, political governance and leadership, health, and education and so on.

Maka’a, a former SIBC program presenter, says when people are informed through the news media, they are not only able to think about varying issues, but they are also able to take part in discussing them.

Makira Artist and ex-SIBC presenter, Eddie Fiti agrees with the views but adds that the province should have its own FM Radio to broadcast news and entertainment.

He adds the news bulletins could include news from other provinces and the world, but Makira Ulawa news and musical entertainment are the priorities.

Fiti says playing music by the province’s artists on the FM radio will encourage the growth of the music industry because young artists will excel in their talents.

But other people spoken to in Honiara and Kirakira say they totally agree to support the idea that news stories from Makira Ulawa Province must hit the news on local and overseas radios and newspapers.

Others suggest news from Makira Ulawa Province should also hit online news as well as social media.

And Brisbane-based graduate in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, Brian Atkin has started to promote in Australia the idea of Makira Toktok, the name that could be used for free communications in Makira Ulawa Province.

He says in Brisbane that in order to get the idea started, funding is a MUST to get, adding other provinces of Solomon Islands could follow suit if Makira Toktok does eventuate.

Atkin says he is promoting the idea because he believes free communications are good and healthy for growing democratic countries like the Solomon Islands because it is a two-way form of medium.

The name Makira Toktok is borrowed from the name of Solomon Islands' first independent weekly newspaper, Solomon Toktok, which was published in Honiara between 1977 and April 1992.

Solomon Star daily newspaper has been generous in running my news stories from its Kirakira-based stringer, George Atkin.

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