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Suidani: education is the key

11 June 2020
Premier of Malaita Daniel Suidani delivering his address at the Technical Institute of Malaita (TIM) fifth graduation ceremony.

Education is the key, says the Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani when addressing Technical Institute of Malaita (TIM) fifth graduation ceremony, Wednesday.

Premier Suidani congratulated 17 students who graduated from the institute.

He said they have reached a milestone in their education, which is evident and confirmed with the qualification they have received in the form of certificates from TIM.

The Premier told the graduates to go out in the field and put into practice knowledge they have acquired from TIM during the course of their studies at the institution he described as a unique institution in Malaita. 

He urged graduates to utilize their knowledge in a proper manner and their knowledge to benefit their families and Malaita Province as a whole. 

With that, the premier also urged the graduands to uphold good behaviour and be role models in whatever fields they served after leaving TIM. 

He told graduands that the challenge ahead of Malaita and its people is huge and it needs Malaitans with good leadership characters to lead the province into prosperity. 

He said leadership and development are always an issue in Malaita and encourages them to take a bold stand and engage in good leadership to drive development in Malaita for the good of the current and future generations.

The Premier in his remarks also thanked TIM for providing a wonderful learning environment for Malaitans at their doorstep where he encouraged TIM to continue with its excellent work in educating Malaitans and Solomon Islanders.

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