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You are dodgy, Wale tells Minister Manele

17 June 2020
Matthew Wale (L), Jeremiah Manele (R).

OPPOSITION leader Matthew Wale says Foreign Minister Jeremiah Manele’s recent comments against him are “dodgy and misguided”.

Manele had earlier expressed his disappointment over what he called, a deliberate distortion by the Opposition leader of his statement.

But Wale in a statement on Tuesday pointed out that the minister is once again trying to dodge the truth behind his earlier statement. 

“My earlier remarks were intended to condemn the government’s ongoing singling out, and punishment of Malaita Province, for taking a principle stand against China; a practice acceptable in any democratic society,” Wale said.

“Malaita's position is the direct result of the government’s deception in not consulting the provinces and people after promising such consultations,” he added.

“Now with his latest statement focusing on the one-China policy, it is clear that his call for unity is really a smokescreen for promoting China’s interest. 

“It is regrettable that Manele chose to focus on foreign policy than the humanitarian aspects of the understanding between Malaita Province and Taiwan; especially at this time when we are preparing our people for a possible outbreak of Covid-19.

“Manele is not new to Taiwan and he should know better than its health care system is ranked top in the world hence, any offer of assistance to our people from Taiwan or any reputable health system, at these trying times, should be seen as a bonus and should not be politicised,” the Opposition leader stated.

Wale warned the government not to give in too much to “Chinese salami-slicing tactics” as this could be too divisive for our people.

And he called on the Prime Minister to intervene and release the equipment to Malaita province, stressing that the issues raised as grounds for impounding the equipment are petty, compared to the need in Malaita for these.